GRP Replica Aircraft

Our glass fibre replicas are produced from mould-tools that were taken from real aircraft, this ensures that all the dimensions and details are correct. The aircraft are made with an internal steel support system, the main wings, blade assembly and undercarriage are detachable for ease of transportation and the replicas are easily assembled on site by our trained personnel  if required.

All replicas are suitable for display using any one of the following three methods:

  • Free standing – This version, the replicas are complete with undercarriage legs and glassfibre wheels. It is possible for us to source and supply real wheels at additional cost.
  • Pole mount – The design and installation of the pole is the customers responsibility, however we will work with the customer to incorporate the necessary fittings into the replica for the fixing to the plinth.
  • Hanging – This method of display is very popular with museums with limited floor space. Also the ability to show as in flight with any angle possible. We will fit certificated eye bolts as necessary.

All replicas are complete with a quality paint finish to customer’s own choice of scheme and markings. The VI replica is fully sign-written.

If the replicas are to be displayed outdoors, we will fit the appropriate restraining eyes, but the customer will be responsible for the construction of anchorage points. The weights of the replica aircraft are approximately 850kgs, with the VI weighing 300kgs.
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Ordering Replica Aircraft

As we only build to order it is recommended that you contact us early with your requirements to be included in our schedule, we will contact you near to commencement date to confirm your order and finalise the contract. Please contact us if you require any additional information.

Other Services

Obviously, our replicas are our pride, but we would be just as happy making anything in GRP, including:

GRP Repairs

We pride ourselves on doing the seemingly impossible when it comes to GRP repairs. Look at the photos of the Willerby caravan, it came to us with football size holes and left with a pristine new gel finish.  This led to a Carmen, like the Willerby, old and very rare, being brought over from Sweden for the same treatment.

Willerby caravan before restoration
Willerby caravan before restoration
Willerby caravan after restoration
Willerby caravan after restoration


GRP Flat Roofing & Pool Liners

Flat roof
GRP flat roofing

GB Replicas will come to you if you are in need of a GRP lining applied to a fish pond, or a swimming pool.

Have you got a leaking flat roof, or a new build? GB Replicas were applying GRP flat roofing long before it became so popular. Being in the glassfibre business and not just someone who used to use felt and tar, we provide a quality professional installation with a non-slip finish.